Thursday, March 15, 2007

Poems of Encouragement


Terrible sins come and go
But God will always love you so
Put your trust in Jesus Christ
And you will live a wonderful life

When things are at a terrible height
Don't give up without a fight
God will be there to hold your hand
And carry you across all lands

Lay down your life at the feet of the Lord
And you will feel as if you've soared
Let the Holy Spirit flow through you
And you'll live a life completely new
- A life of beauty and of grace
And a bright new life you will face

~Amanda O'Connor~



We read, we hear, we sing of Heaven,
No sorrows, no tears, no burdens to bear;
A Mansion to Saints, will be given,
But, what must it be, to be there?

No pain, no trials, no darkness of night,
There will be Praises lifted by Prayer;
We'll be with Jesus; He is the Light,
But, what must it be, to be there?

All will be Joy, Peace, and Love,
With never a disappointment nor care;
Somewhere, in that happy Home Above,
But, what must it be, to be there?

No sickness, no death, no evil to allure,
Our Faith here, will be Sight there;
In Heaven with Jesus, we'll rest secure,
But, what must it be, to be there?

The Bliss will someday, be complete,
When Saints meet Jesus in the air;
Then, we'll bow at His nail pierced feet,
But, what must it be, to be there?

Our loved ones, we again shall meet,
Victory and Praising Jesus, we'll share;
The Supper of The Lamb, we'll eat,
But, what must it be, to be there?

Leona I. Miller



A time came suddenly to bring us low,
With an illness at the evenings sunset;
We did not know the future of our lives,
God was not finished with us yet.

We are not given a Warranty in life,
Loved ones Prayed ~ no need to fret;
We leaned on Jesus for the Healing,
God was not finished with us yet.

We walked by Faith and trusted Him,
Many Prayed for us ~ we've not met;
We felt Prayers touch deep in our Souls,
God was not finished with us yet.

Beautiful colors etched the Western sky,
God painted a sunset we cannot forget;
We felt His Presence as we watched,
God is not finished with us yet.

He was with us in each lonely hour,
Jesus had lonely times but paid each debt;
In our weakness ~ Satan came to devour,
God is not finished with us yet.

We were kept strong so we could endure,
With God ~ all things are possible;
Health improved to restore which proves,
God is not finished with us yet.

Leona I. Miller



I keep busy through the daytime hours,
Trying hard, to live by God's Holy Word;
Trials and burdens, somehow, come,
It's then, I tend to ask, "Why me, Lord?"

The mountain is difficult for me to climb,
But, I'll climb and Obey God's Word;
He Promised to never leave me,
So, why do I ask, "Why me, Lord?"

His Word is a lamp unto my feet,
Sharper than any two-edged sword;
It is a light unto my path, and so,
I must not question, "Why me, Lord?"

God will not give more than I can bear,
I must keep my Faith strong in His Word;
Jesus endured shame, pain, suffering and death,
I must no longer ask, "Why me, Lord?"

Leona I. Miller


Have you spent this day.....alone?
Do you feel as if no-one cares for you?
Has no-one called you...via the phone?
And you long for Someone.....or two?

Others are so busy, with many things,
While you sit your rocking chair...
If others could only know what lowliness brings,
And how difficult it is, sometimes to bear.

A little bird comes to sit on the window sill,
And the Feathered Friend brightens your day,
God can send a little bird, as you seek His Will,
We know....God is only a Prayer away.

Our God works in mysterious ways,
And now, you find a smile upon your face,
As the little bird sunshine rays,
You are so loneliness, God did erase.

Peace...has come into your heart, this day,
And no longer feel alone,
For the little bird God sent you...kneel and Pray,
You no longer find any purpose to groan.

God, in His Wisdom, looks down from Above,
And He will often send a little bird,
This is one way...He sends His Love,
To let you know...your Prayer...He Heard.

Leona I. Miller, California



Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning. Psalm 30:5.

Dark the storm doth rage around me,
Long the night with fear assail thee,
But the Lord of light is there
To brighten our night of care.
All through the night I wonder and cry,
And ask myself and God the reason why
Such a storm of darkness came my way,
And when the darkness shall turn to day.
It is not for me to know the reasons,
Nor to discern God’s times and seasons.
For in each season of life God has a plan;
It is for me to leave all in His hand.
The Lord of light is good and kind,
In Him grace and strength you will find,
To meet the darkness all through the night,
And find mercy new every morning dawning bright.
Gene Griffin


Words often seem like little things
And yet they mean so much
Depending on the use of them
Can hurt or cheer one up

How often do you choose your words
With caution and great care
Or, do you speak them carelessly
Not thinking, unaware

Of how they cut and mutilate
The pain goes deep within
Because we see the use of words
As dust blown in the wind

Scattered here and scattered there
To hurt the one who may
Without a thought, so innocently
Happen in the way

Now this is not intentional
Oh, No! we wouldn’t dare
To be so thoughtless to our friends
That would be quite unfair

Remember words are precious
A Treasure to employ
For spreading among those we greet,
much happiness and joy

By Sharon Elaine Carpenter
© Copyright BECP Ministries

Follow ME

I used to walk down a sinful road
a road that led to heartache and woe.

My worldly views were what I had
no peace of mind could I find.

Then one day I cried in despair
and that's when the Master called unto me.

Come my child and look up to Me
I want to cleanse you and set you free.

For I died on a tree so you could be free
and now you can see what Heaven will be.

So reach out and trust Me and together we'll find
a new life, a new road, and a new home with Thee.

For the freedom of Heaven is joyful with Me
so don't hesitate today to come unto Thee.

The road may be narrow but what you will find
is peace, love, and joy that is truly sublime.

Then you will see how lovely Heaven will be
when you take up your cross and follow Me.

Carolyn Porter

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