Monday, March 12, 2007

Very Thankful!!!!

I know I had mentioned in my first post about our truck smacking into a tree. Well when I hit the ice patch I thought I could turn the steering wheel sharp or try to hit the brakes. Well at the very moment that I hit the ice a car was passing me. So turning the steering wheel was out. So I tried to hit the brakes as hard as I could but I still slid right into that strong maple tree. Here is why I am thankful...

  • God worked it all out for His good .
  • My truck did not go over an embankment and explode
  • The car that was passing me rescued me, her name is Sheila
  • My pastor and Sheila's husband pulled my truck out
  • I got to witness to Sheila
I saw Sheila in the store and got to tell her that everything is going great! I praise God for that night. It is hard to see when it is happening but it will work out for the good of God.

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