Saturday, November 29, 2008

What I am thankful for part 2.

After having Thanksgiving dinner the other day I started to think of all the things that I am thankful for that I did not have on the first list. Since it is now that season of giving, I want to take another moment to be thankful. B.T.W. I personally think that it is easier to be thankful for what you have when you are poor than when you are rich, in M.H.O.

51. The smell of fresh brewing coffee.
52. A baby's laughter.
53. The smell of the beach.
54. Mexican food in Mexico or California.
55. Shaw's seafood salad, yum.
56. The smell of a fireplace burning.
57. All appetizers for dinner.
58. Food Network.
59. My tweezers, I'm Italian enough said.
60. My 10x mirror w/o it the tweezers would be useless.
61. 80's music, rock on party people.
62. Professional spa pedicures, they feel so good & toes look great.
63. Greek food.
64. Extra large hoop earrings, I look good in them.
65. My Monkey Business Black Eyed Peas cd, makes doing dishes fun.
66. My glasses, for w/o them I would not be able to read.
67. Cheesecake, my favorite.
68. Fresh baked bread.
69. Taking a hot bath by candle light.
70. My memories.
71. Bad days because they make me grateful for the good days.
72. The 4th of July, my favorite holiday.
73. The smell of pine in the house at Christmas time.
74. Fry night, always different & always good.
75. Playing w/ my kids at the park.
76. Dark chocolate.
77. Laughter, w/o it life would be boring.
78. Singing songs w/ my kids.
79. My hubby's cheese pizza, the best!
80. Saying prayers with my kids, love it.
81. Vh1 classic the stuff that old people live for.
82. Cold showers in the summer when it is too hot to think.
83. When my hubby touches my butt or the small of my back to let me know he loves me w/o saying a word.
84. National Geographic channel.
85. Taking to my boys on the phone.
86. The internet.
87. Baking home made cinnamon rolls.
88. Sleeping in on a stormy day.
89. The bulb flowers that pop up every spring.
90. Pajamas w/ cartoon characters on them.
91. Sing Star video game, fun for the whole family.
92. Mr. Yama's in California, the best sushi I have ever had.
93. Aussie hairspray for w/o it I would never have a good hair day.
94. Being pregnant because I am gonna be blessed with another child.
95. Not being pregnant because I feel so much better.
96. The Boondocks, my favorite cartoon.
97. Mail order catalogs, love dreaming of everything I would buy if I had the money.
98. because they have the best price on almost everything.
99. Avocados, love them, miss living in California where they are the best.
100. Foot massages from my hubby they are the best!


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