Thursday, November 27, 2008

What I am thankful for.

1. Jesus died for my sins.
2. My Bible (a.k.a. God's way of taking to me).
3. Prayer (a.k.a. my way of taking to God).
4. My husband because he is truly my best friend.
5. The roof over my head because it would suck to be homeless & cold.
6. The clothing I own keeps me warm when it is cold.
7. That there is enough food to feed my family.
8. Dixie Rose, although she is only mine by marriage, I have learned a lot from her.
9. Devin Anthony, he is my 1st born & looks just like mama.
10. Alexander Grant, he is so out going and level headed.
11. Scarlett Rose, she is the girl that my mom wished for (teehee), my mirror image.
12. Savannah Rose, she is teaching me that I get farther w/ hugs than timeout.
13. Delta Rose, she is her daddy's mirror and mommy's "Peanut".
14. Georgia Rose, she is the happiest baby ever and she loves her daddy.
15. My mother, Debbie because she put up w/ me as a kid & teen.
16. My father-in-law, Rex because he helps us out so much.
17. High heels.
18. O.P.I. nail polish, it's the best!
20. Bare Minerals make-up, it's the best!
21. Thomas coffee, I am in love with it, it is the best coffee ever!
22. When my hubby paints my nails, totally love'n that!
23. Cookbooks, love to read them and get ideas.
24. Rick Steve's travel, my favorite show!
25. Watching travel shows w/ my hubby spending time together dreaming, sweet.
26. Diners, Drive-ins, & Dives, one of my favorite food shows.
27. My hubby learning to play the guitar at 43, it is very inspiring.
28. My Grandma Wood, she is the strongest woman I know.
29. My Grandpa Wood, he is the kindest man I have ever known.
30. Having medical care.
31. Bath time w/ the girls because I get to spend special time w/ each one of them.
32. The small things that my hubby surprises me with out of the blue.
33. The 1st of the month when we have all the good meals and snacks.
34. Days when I drive Scarlett to preschool and we talk or sing, fun times.
35. My camera because I love to take pictures!
36. My hubby's fish tacos, yummy!
37. Diet Snapple iced tea in peach, raspberry, or lemon, the best!
38. The Bath general store, they have the best fudge, dill pickles, smoked meats & cheeses.
39. Fashion Bug because they have the best plus size pajamas, way comfy.
40. Peppermint candies, helps a sour tummy.
41. Tums ultra peppermint, heartburn gone.
42. Online shopping because if it doesn't come from Wal-Mart you better drive or buy online.
43. Music of all types for all of my moods.
44. Fall foliage because the colors are so beautiful.
45. Rainy days because they are romantic.
46. Snowy days because it's a great day for hot cocoa or tea.
47. Hostess crumb donettes, great with or without coffee.
48. Time with my kids.
49. Time without my kids.
50. Scarpbooking.

Happy Thanksgiving Y'all!

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