Monday, January 19, 2009

Amazing Product!

So for years I had acrylic nails. I loved having them because they were even and rarely broke, Plus I always had a pedicure and my nails always matched. But not living in San Diego, California, where there is a nail salon on every corner, I had to give up my fake nails. I did try a couple of times getting my nails done while visiting in California but getting them filled was a problem. The first time that I got them put back on, I got them filled at a local salon but they did a really bad job and it was $35 a fill. Then the second time I did it we tried tried to go to a different salon but it was an hour and a half away and gas is expensive. After years of having fake nails, my natural nails were a mess. After the nail grew out from the acrylic nails, my natural nails would peel and break. So here comes ProStrong to the rescue. You can get ProStrong from QVC or from their own website. The deluxe kit at the ProStrong website is $60 but at QVC it is $77. But QVC has different ProStrong items that you can not find on the ProStrong website. If you go to the QVC website to find ProStrong all you have to do is got to the home page, next click on beauty, then nail care, after that click kits, and finally you will see ProStrong on the left hand side under brands. I have known about ProStrong for about 10 years and used it successfully then. I really don't know why I did try it again until now. In six months I will take a picture of my long beautiful nails and then you can compare the two then.


Jenai said...

I can never get friggin' long nails lol but I am so glad you found something good.

Sandi said...

I may need to try that. I love my acrylic nails too, but like you don't have the time or the gas money to run around getting them filled all the time.

Queen Bea said...

I have never been able to grow nails. Ever. I wonder if this could help me?

Stacy said...

I wiah I could grow nails...I bite them too often tho.

Juliette Vestal said...

Janai & Sandi~It is totally worth it to try. The deluxe kit cost as much as a new set of nails and you don't have to fill them in two weeks time. Queen Bea~ProStrong has special kits for just about every nail problem possible and if you can't find it there try QVC.
Stacy~Maybe if you tried a manicure twice a month that would motivate you not to bite your nails. I used to bite mine all the time. Then when I used ProStrong about 10 years ago, I stopped biting my nails because they were stronger and the ProStrong tasted nasty. I don't know, it might be worth a try.

kendy said...

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