Saturday, January 31, 2009

God has greatly blessed me!

Not only is my hubby a great guy but I think that he is the most wonderful husband ever! He is definitely my rock when I need someone to lean on. I know a lot of people say it but I can wholeheartedly say that he is my best friend in the entire world. Not only is he my husband, friend, and lover, he is my pastor. There are times when I have questions about the Bible and he will help guide me as to where to look in the Bible. He is the entire package and he's all mine (teehee).

He is so kind and forgiving. When I am in pain because of a migraine or because my back is killing me, I become the worst person in the world to be around. He knows that if I am short with him because I am in pain he is so forgiving. Most of the time I am so unworthy of such a extraordinary husband. Even his short-comings are now endearing to me whereas before they where annoying. For example, my hubby can not remember my birthday or our anniversary to save his life but to make up for that he brings me little things all year long to bring a smile to my face. He will get me my favorites from the grocery store like coffee, seafood salad, mango sorbet, Wheat Thins, Diet Snapple, dark chocolate, or Oreos. He buys me things over the internet just to surprise me like a book he knows I would love to read or one that he knows I have been wanting to read. He does my nails with my favorite nail polish (O.P.I) and he does such a good job that it is like getting them done in a salon. Every night before we go to sleep he says, "I love you mama." and most of the time it is accompanied by a nice little kiss. Sometimes he will dazzle me with new scrapbook items. Every once in a while he will put a special screen saver message on our computer like, "I Love You!" or something like that and he knows I won't see it unless it is the middle of the night when I am up with the baby or when I get up in the morning. See how sweet is that.
Best of all he picks out and buys me high heels! I am obsessed with high heels the higher the better. I have had to thin out my collection over the years because of moving and space but hubby is pretty good about replacing a few of them. I use to have about 100 pair but the move from Cali to Vermont I had to get rid of 90 of them because of space. I am always down for a new pair of heels. Heels to me are a great pair of jeans, they make you taller and seem slimmer. They are my go to fashion item and they go with anything. I love getting the mail and there is a new pair of heels waiting to be picked up. It just puts a smile on my face.

To top it all off he is the most awesome dad ever! But now a days all a dad has to do to be outstanding is be around insted of hightailing out of sight because they don't wanna do the dad thing. Maybe I am misled because that is what my real dad did. But we all have our own issues.

I never want him to think that I take him for granted I love him so much and as his wife, I will be so sad when the Lord takes him from me (I can't even type this without crying) . I only say that because he has health problems and the odds are that he will go before I do and if I don't die because of a broken heart I will be amazed.

Bottom line is that I don't tell him enough that I am so thankful the Lord put him into my life. I am also thankful to be his wife and the mother of his children.


Stacy said...

Yanno, Damon being in the hospital this past week made me realize the same thing. I actually told him that I almost hope that the Lord takes me first b/c I don't think I could handle being without him like that for the rest of my life. I barely handled 2.5 days.

And thanks for the support with the BP...not only is he, but I am also (as well as borderline personality disorder). I get so tired of so called Christians telling us that we have it because we aren't serving God well enough.

And I am sure that your DH knows how much you love, but it never hurts to tell them that.

Pastor Guy said...


If any so-called "Christian" tells you that any health problem that is acquired from birth, such as Mental Illness, you direct them to:

John 9:1-3

Then turn away from them and never look back. That person is on quite the wide road, and there is no way that you or any human is going to turn them away from it.

Infirmities that a human has from birth are NEVER wrath, they are blessings that other humans could only be jealous to posses.

I have seen untold numbers of folks that have been "crippled" with something from birth, and no greater faith have I seen from those who are not.

God holds these "little ones" tightly in His bosom, and I assure you, those that dare cause harm to them would surely be better off with a millstone about their necks, and dropped to the bottom of the deepest waters.

God will never allow those that He blesses with indescribable faith be wavered from it for one second, without facing His wrath for such a transgression.

Such as these...

Rita T. said...

Great tribute. Praying you have lots and lots of years together.

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