Monday, January 12, 2009

Monday Movie Review.

Let me first say that I love Netflix!

The movie is called God Grew Tired Of Us. I really enjoyed this movie. Here is a brief glance at what the movie was about,
after raising themselves in the desert along with thousands of other parentless "lost boys," Sudanese refugees John, Daniel and Panther have found their way to America, where they experience electricity, running water and supermarkets for the first time. Capturing their wonder at things Westerners take for granted, this documentary, paints an intimate portrait of strangers in a strange land.

I think that all Americans should see this movie. I felt very thankful for what I have. There is a part in the movie that one of the "lost boys" was speaking about how skinny he was and hoe he dreamed of being fat. Once in America, John is asking about Christmas traditions that exists in America. Wondering about the Christmas tree and Santa. John asked if these things were in the Bible. I thought this movie was very well done and a must see for anyone how thinks that they have it rough.



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Wendy said...

Sounds like a great movie. I had been whining the other day about something that wasn't going well in my life and when I was flipping a channel I paused on a scene that had a woman cooking cabbage in a pot of contaminated water to make soup for her family. Boy did I feel like a heel. Nothing like a little insight into Africa to make you feel like you're a Queen (or King).

I'll check it out. I love Netflix too! It's a great way to see a lot of movies I wouldn't bother renting if I were paying for them individually.

qiman's world said...

I could do with watching a god movie, thanks for the review..

Rita T. said...

Never heard of this movie. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

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