Sunday, January 4, 2009

Divine inspiration in an unusual place.

Disclaimer: Anything stated in this post is not ment to speak badly of any of my family, it is just the story of what happened and how God showed me that He was there with me all the time.

It was the summer of 2007 and I was visiting my boys in California. I was staying at my grandparents (vegetarians) house because my ex will not let me keep the boys if I stay with any of my friends. So, since I am not in a hurry to go back to court, I do as he wishes. Anyhow, I was there about a week and all was going fine until my Aunt Shelli with her son kyle
(vegetarians this is important to the story later)
and my mom with my sister Lynette come to stay also. Then a day or two later my brother Nathan, his wife Kristie, and their son Kristian came to stay also.

My sister Lynette is a very good girl. She lives in Mexico with my mom. She works as a waitress (child labor laws do not exist in Mexico), and she volunteers at the local veterinarians office. She loves animals and ever since she knew what I veterinarian was she stated that she was going to be one when she got older. So one afternoon, Lynette was eating a turkey sandwich, our Aunt Shelli said, "Lynette, you must not love animals as much as you say if you are willing to eat them." Lynette responded,"Lucy (the veterinarian she works for) loves animals and she eats meat." By this time Lynette was in tears and left the room. When Lynette came back to the room I gave her a little side hug, patted her opposite hip and whispered in her ear to not pay any attention to what was said. I need to take me own advice a lot of times. So Shelli saw what was going on between Lynette and I and I guess it made her mad because she then attacked me by say, "oh come on Juliette, you are always overreacting and being dramtic." So I responded by saying, "What Shelli there is nothing better in your life so you have to abuse a 12 year old little girl." Well that really provoked her because then she started to criticize my mothering skills. She started yelling, "you abounded your boys for that bastard of a husband, you suck as a mother, you don't give a s*** about anyone but yourself!" By then my mother, grandmother, and Aunt Shelli where in the hallway all surrounding me like it was time to gang up on me. So all this yelling and slandering of me and my hubby, enraged me so I fired back with, "oh yeah, you're 38 years old, your son is 1 and now you are the expert on mothering." Then my mother and grandmother came to Shelli defense and both chimed in at the same time with, "Shelli is an excellent mother." I felt overwhelmed and defeated so I went into my room and called Guy, crying telling him that I wanted to come home. So Guy being the loving, caring hubby that he is, gave me a few suggestions. First he was very logical, he told me that the only way I could come home was to take a bus because my plane ticket was not exchangeable for a different date. Second he told me to stay in my room the rest of the night. In that time Guy recommended that I read my Bible, pray and turn in early because tomorrow is a new day, no need to carry bad feeling into a new day.

So the next day my Aunt Shelli, my mom, Lynette, my sons Devin & Alex, me, Nathan, Kristie, and Kristian were all getting ready to go to Sea World. So most of that day my boys, Lynette, Nathan, Kristie, and Kristian hung out and did our thing while my mom, Shelli, and Kyle did their thing. My mom, Shelli, and Kyle where only there for like four hours and left because my mom's health issues, Shelli was still breastfeeding and needed to pump, and Kyle because he neede to take a nap. We stayed til the park closed and had a pretty great day. So, I was feeling a lot better.

The next day my brother and his family left to go back to Utah. I was sad to see them go because I was having such a good time with them. So the plan was to go to Sea World again because we all had unlimited passes. So I was packing lunch for me, the boys and Lynette. When we got to Sea World, the boys and Lynette wanted to go on this water roller coster called Journey to Atlantis. Shelli, my mom, and Kyle went somewhere else. The plan was to meet up at some pet show after the ride. By the time we waited in line, got on the ride, ran to the pet show, we where too late, the show had already started. So the kids and me went on and did our own thing. I guess in hind sight, we could have waited but I didn't really think of that after being so getty from the roller coster. So a few hours go by and I get a call on my cell phone to bring Lynette to the front because my mom, Shelli and Kyle are leaving. So we decided to have lunch at that time anyhow. When we got up front Shelli went berserk yelling at me again that I didn't meet up with them on purpose. Then I explained what had happened and she called me a, " deceitful b***h!" Saying that I could have gotten in even after the show started. But I explained to her that there where employees at each entrance blocking anyone from getting in because they didn't want the show disrupted. Then she said, "you could have gotten in if you really wanted to." By then Lynette and Devin were in tears because of the fighting and once again I felt beat down. So I call my grandma to come and get us. I was telling my grandma what happened and she didn't say much about the whole thing. She acted like she didn't hear anything and asked what the boys and me wanted for dinner. The boys said, "pizza!" So we were off to Costco to get two extra large pizzas and that's when the Lord sent me a message. We were waiting in a very long line because it was summer, California, and dinner time. Way up at the front of the line I saw a guy with his shirt off and he had a bold print, old English script tattoo of a verse. The verse that I must have said in my head about a thousands times so I would not forget. So when we got home I went straight to my Bible and looked it up and it said John 8:36 So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed. I called Guy right away to tell him what had happened. I was really happy because I felt God was telling me that even if there was fighting and yelling that I am truly free because I am saved. I was no longer feeling beat down and depressed. Even though things got much worse with my Aunt Shelli, I still kept my head up because I have Christ on my side and she has always turned a deaf ear the the Truth.

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Rita T. said...

As long as we're walking with Christ, He's on our side. I'm glad you felt Him near you.

Thanks for the comment on stalking - it helped to cheer me. This is a serious problem right now. And yes, Satan gets his hand into everything he can.

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