Monday, December 1, 2008

The Santa Clause & The Santa Clause 2

Now that Christmas is around the corner, we will be watching a lot of Christmas movies with the kids. A couple of nights ago we watched both these movies back to back and I must say that it is not very often that a spin off does better than the first.

Number 1 was good don't get me wrong but I think it was more giving the background & leading up to number 2.

The Santa Clause 2 was great in my opinion. It had comedy, romance, and drama. I love the part when Santa (a.k.a. Scott) was at the faculty Christmas party with the principal as his date. The camera pans around the party and it is so dull and boring people are looking into their drinks. Then Santa gets on stage and starts passing out gifts. The adults turn into the children they once were because the gifts were all toys that the adults played with as children. Okay, so I cried at this point in the movie. I cried when the mistletoe just appeared above Santa and the principal & then they kissed. I also cried when he asked her to marry him. Last but not least, I cried when Charlie went and woke up Lucy so she could see Santa come down the chimney.


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