Monday, December 15, 2008

The true meaning of Christmas.

Gifts That Matter
by Lloyd J. Phipps
To the poor, give of your substance
To the bereaved, give your sympathy
To the weak, give a helping hand
To the weary, give them rest
To the troubled heart, give them peace
To the hungry, give them food
To the thirsty, give them drink
To your enemy, give them love
To the achiever, give them praise
To your fellow being, give them respect
To those who have wronged you, give them forgiveness
To those in authority, give them honor
To the young, give an example
To the insecure, give them assurance
To the lonely, give them a visit
To those doing good deeds, give your thanks
To the depressed, give them encouragement
To those in despair, give them hope
To the Christ of Christmas, give your life...
For He gives eternal life to those who seek Him
He gives peace to a troubled heart
He gives rest to the weary
He gives hope to the hopeless
He is the Living Water for the spiritually thirsty
He is the Bread of Life for the spiritually hungry
He is the Light for those in darkness
To a hateful and evil world God gave His Son
To the repentant sinner, He gives forgiveness
Freely, you have received, freely give
The gifts that matter

This poem is by my pastor in California and I wanted to share it because I thought it is a great poem. So when we all get caught up in the gifts, shopping, cooking & decorating we can read this poem again and realize the real meaning of Christmas.
I miss Pastor Phipps and his wife Jan. He was the Pastor that married my hubby and me. Jan played the piano at our wedding. May God bless them both for letting His light shine through them. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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OLLIE MCKAY ~ A Chic Boutique said...

Beautiful poem ~ Everyone should read this during this wonderful holiday season! Thanks for sharing!

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