Thursday, December 18, 2008

Thankful Thursday

I got a call from my grandmother with some really good news.

You see I found out that my grandfather Wood has non Hodgkin Lymphoma. I was very sadden by the news because my papa is the healthiest man I know. He is a vegetarian, he plays tennis three to four times a week and he is in great shape. To be honest I really thought he would out live me.

So my papa had to have a lot of test done to see how much the cancer has spread through out his body.

Then before the test results came back my papa shattered his wrist after taking a fall while playing tennis. So he had to have surgery to have pins put in his wrist.

So my grandma call and leaves a message that the cancer is not down in the bone marrow but they can not start treatment for the cancer until the wrist starts to heal.

So I am very thankful that they caught my papa's cancer early because I want my papa to be around for a long time.


Lynne said...

That is really good news! He sounds like a very strong person who can beat the cancer!

Donna Bragg said...

Praise GOD for your good news!!! Only our KING could do that! I am going to pray as soon as I leave this comment that GOD's healing hand will continue to be upon him.

Your sister in CHRIST,

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